Thursday, July 10, 2014

Things I heart Thursday: iPhone Apps

I'm in love. With my phone. Call me silly, or crazy, or socially deprived but I'm in love with my iPhone and I can't stop, won't stop. 

I know I'm a little late to the whole smart phone thing-at least with Apple.  I felt the same way with my Blackberry and this new-to-me technological discovery has blown me away.  I, literally, always have my phone in my hand whether I'm taking photos, editing them, posting to social media sites, perusing Pinterest, or texting family and friends-it's practically an extension of me.

I'd thought I'd share a few of my favorite apps.

The Waterlogue app takes ordinary pictures and turns them into lovely watercolored portraits. Cost: $2.99

I love BubbleFrame. It's a lot like digital scrapbooking. I'm also in love with making pictures into circles and adding circular text. The app also offers so many adorable backgrounds and you can add video as well. Tutorials are available for easier learning! Cost: $1.99


For editing my favorite app is Afterlight.  It's easy to figure out, includes basic editing features like, cropping, color adjustments, plethora of filters, and an assortment of special features, too. Cost: .99

I could go on and on about photography related apps-I have a few more and each has it's own use and purpose. Perhaps I'll share more in the future. What are some of your favorite apps? I'd love to try them out :)

3 remarks:

  1. I've been meaning to try Waterlogue. Love what it did to your blueberry pie photo. :)

  2. You sold me on BubbleFrame. I lost my afternoon to playing with it.


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