Monday, June 02, 2014

Pin it & Spin it: Kale Chips

Oh, Pinterest.  How I wanted to believe you.

And, leafy greens-we need to consume more of you but Kale is just not meant to be it, methinks. Maybe I did it wrong. Or, maybe it was too much garlic/salt on the "chips."

Whatever it was-it just didn't work for us.  Another pin gone wrong.

The PinThis lovely looking pin for Kale chips.  Healthy and delicious is what I've heard around the web for ages now.

The Spin:  Instead of plain salt I used a garlic sea salt because, garlic.

The Verdict: The cooking time in the recipe was WAY too long.  It's a good thing I kept checking every minute or so because these lovelies would have been blackened had I left them in for the posted time. Every oven IS different so if you try this at home-keep this in mind.

Also-the chips were SO bitter. Maybe we had bad/not fresh Kale.  Maybe the garlic sea salt wasn't a good fit for these leafy greens.

I'm ashamed to admit I ate only a handful (like, 5) and then pitched them.

Completed any pins lately?  I've love to hear about them.

7 remarks:

  1. Okay this is interesting to me because I tried kale chips too and they were HORRIBLE. Way too salty for my taste. Thin. Bitter. I pitched mine too.

  2. Although I don't do kale, I have had my share of disappointments in trying to recreate several gorgeously posed pinterest recipes. A caramel apple brownie that came out hard as a rock and a terribly bitter and way-too-salty fish dish are at the top of my "didn't work list." Of course that won't keep me from trying other recipes! :-)

  3. I burned them....twice, then gave up.

  4. Would love to hear from someone who has successfully made kale chips. I bet Dining with Debbie has!

  5. I tried these once. I actually liked them so did the kids.

  6. I'm the same way with cauliflower mashed "potatoes." They were disgusting. And this was in a restaurant! I have to admit, I don't get kale. Everyone seems to think it's THE healthy food to eat. Is it high in something? Anyways, sorry this one was a bust.

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