Thursday, June 26, 2014

Life List: Book Binding

I created my Go Mighty List just over a year ago and I'm proud to say that I've slowly been working on checking things off. I do need to add more stories to some of my goals as a way to document the journey as some of the goals are multi-step goals and I don't want to completely check them off just yet.

Book binding wasn't on that working list but it has been something I've always wanted to learn.  I was perusing my Facebook wall and noticed that one of my friends had left a message on an event wall about a book binding class (the only time I actually felt good about being stalker-ish).  It took some finagling at work but I was able to attend the noon class last Saturday afternoon.  I'm so glad I did.

Of course there are a million online tutorials and YouTube how-to videos but there's just something about taking a class in person. Sitting in a room with real, live people, laughing and messing up, and having someone take your project and start it for you. I love the connection. I need that more often.

The actual art of bookbinding looks fairly easy. At least, for someone who is coordinated and patient. For me, it's definitely something that I need to see being done in person. 

Doesn't that look lovely? And, simple? It took me a while to understand just how it was done; it's a simple weaving pattern.  But, I've never had a loom or practiced weaving. Mine looked nothing like this one. Ha! (this one was made by our instructor, Teri).

We started out learning some of the technical language and we looked at a few lovely handmade books bound and decorated so artistically.  And, then, we were sent out to create our own. It was a fun experience.

I chose to work with this hand stamped paper and black waxed thread.  The paper is watercolor paper stamped repeatedly with a lovely patterned stamp and India ink.

Holes were punched into each signature and through the cover. Threading and binding were pretty much made up as I went along.  Definitely need more practice.

And, my finished book. It was a good first attempt.  The decorative spine didn't work out for me but I will make it happen this summer!

What are you challenging yourself to do/learn/accomplish this summer?

(also?  I'll be sending off a package of Arkansas Made goodies to Life As a Convert)

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  1. That book is beautiful. I love the designs on it. I've never heard of go mighty before. I've got my own little list in the works. It's a 30 before 30, cos believe it or not I'm still not 30 lol

    And I'm super happy I won!


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