Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Denny's Sandwich & Other Happenings

Hey!  It's been pretty quiet around here;  I just haven't been feelin' it lately.  And, by "it" I mean blogging.  Work has been crazy and by the time I roll into the Cove I'm pretty much just done with socializing. We've had a few crazy times here at Cove Cottage, too-a busted water pipe and noisy summer neighbors.

I'm feeling a bit refreshed, though, so I'm just gonna jump right back into it.  Finally, it feels like summer (although I can still be found with a blanket draped over my legs at night-it's always at least five degrees cooler here by the lake).

Warmer weather means less cranking up the oven and we've been enjoying cold sammies (despite my hating that word, I've taken to using that Racheal Ray word) for dinner around here.  This sandwich was inspired by a Denny's sandwich Thom used to love.  It's basically a grilled cheese jacked up with some veggies but cutting it on the diagonal makes it all fancy and stuff.  Really, try it.

For one sandwich gather:

3 slices wheat bread
olive oil (for toasting)
2 slices White American Cheese
Tomato slices ( thin! )
Cucumber slices ( thin! )
S & P
Toothpicks or Skewers

Heat a griddle or fry pan over medium heat.  Spray bottoms of bread with olive oil and place in pan.  Now spray the tops.  Toast until golden.  Add cheese slices to tops of two slices.  Continue toasting until melty.

Remove bread from pan and assemble:  Lay one cheese-topped slice on bottom (cheese side up). Slather with mayo.Top with cucumber and tomato.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Top with bread slice (the one that doesn't have cheese on it) and slather on some more mayo. Add another layer of cucumber and tomato with salt & pepper.  Finally, top with the third slice of bread with cheese.  Cut on the diagonal twice creating four triangles.  Secure with toothpicks or skewers and enjoy!

So tell me:  what are you eating now that it's warmer? 

2 remarks:

  1. Yum! This looks delicious. I can't wait until our tomatoes start growing and then I can make one with a fresh garden tomato

  2. This looks Delicious! And now I am hungry, thank you. :P lol


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