Monday, May 07, 2012

Chemo Angels: In need of some laugh-speration

Friends, I need your help.

First, a little back story: Last year, around this time, my friend Kat shared on her blog  a program she was involved with-Chemo Angels.  The program is meant to match patients undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments with angels who support and encourage patients during their times of treatment.  At the time, I was searching for something to pay-it-forward, so to speak.  I had, and continue to have good things happen to me as a result of kind, caring people in my life and what better way to turn one good deed into another?

There are different levels and categories of angeling:  Chemo angels send small gifts and letters of encouragement. Card Angels commit to sending at least one card a week to patients.  Senior angels write to elderly patients either in care facilities or who are homebound.

I quickly signed up and after a short angel-in-waiting period, I was matched.  Assignments can last from anywhere from six months to eighteen months.  I challenged myself to create a card each week for this assignment.

Initially I began with an introductory letter/folder of sorts.

I followed up each week with letters of daily happenings here at the Cove, quotes I found to be inspirational, and random pictures of Hop & Scotch.

My first assignment lasted only six months...ending on a happy note, I'm pleased to report.

Recently, I've been matched with another lovely lady.

And, this is where you, dear friends, come into play.  I'm in need of some seriously funny inspiration.  She has requested that I make her laugh.

Only-  I don't find myself particularly funny.  Okay, maybe I do have a very dry sense of humor and I could be considered a princess-of-one-liners perhaps.  But, funny and inspiring plus encouraging and supportive?  Feeling a bit out of my comfort zone just a tad.  So what I'm needing from you is:

Suggestions of what I can do, write,  or send weekly that will bring a smile to someone's face?

What would you like to see if this were you?

To be honest, I'm feeling a tad bit of pressure with this one.  I so want to please and inspire, and bring smiles and encouragement during this time.

If you're interested in joining the Chemo Angels program, please read further information here.

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  1. You should get some oops I goofed that one stories! For instance Ms. Donna and I had just started @ tj working in markdowns and some one told us that the manager wanted us to price point every thing in claearance. She and I had no real idea what was wanted and Ms. Lucinda looked at us and said "I'm not doing it" and left early. The two new people struggled to do what we were supposed to do but I know it wasnt correct! When the tj manager came in she was sooooo mad because it was all messed up...badly, but she felt like she couldn't yell at us so she avoided us. I happened to walk up next to her for something and she turned, saw me and opened up her mouth to fuss but thenchanged her mind anx shut her mouth with an audble snap. Every time Ms. Donna and I remember that day we laugh and laugh til the tears come! Oops!


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